In Recovery

You can now find me hobbling around campus.

Update: In a grand gesture of ineptitude, I tripped on my pants and fell while carrying cases of water across a street. No bottles were hurt in the making of this picture-perfect scene. Just one left foot and a now scabbed knee.

It’s funny how drastic life can take a turn. Just that morning E complimented me on those long, flowy pants. As you now know, those same characteristics led to my downfall.

Likewise, the same Helen who started a blog almost two years ago, formatted only by large blue polka-dots and the title, “I am Helen Zhang,” (see:, decided to make a tentative appearance here, where the only resemblance to a polka-dot is my profile picture.

A lot has happened in these past two years. I safely returned to the United States, a detail I didn’t clarify in my last blog. I spread myself wide; I learned a language, made new friends, experienced love, ran a club, and traveled across the country. Now I’m in the pursuit of less; cherry-picking what I want to carry with me after the 23rd.

So, in the same fashion as I picked myself up in the middle of that road, I now return to this medium to pick up the stories I’ve left behind, or would leave behind, and store them here safely so I would never forget who I am at this time.