Last week I discover an error on a production server of mine. Apparently some files of the same model field didn’t load.

I’ve start checking the files on the server, checking if I can open on my computer and the file sizes. The file size was big, but not to big that the Nginx setting client_max_body_size didn’t handle.

After that, I did some search on the error — apparently it was a permission error. I thought that was strange, because some files loads and others don’t.

With that in mind, I discard the Nginx and move on to the next…

The social media sell us that an healthy body is something with a big and a shredded body. If you want that, you need dedication, money and a life to get that.

You probably need 6/7 days per week of hypertrophy, with more less 1 hour and supplements just for the shape and strength. To get the plus of flexibility and a good cardio level you probably need more less 2 hours per day.

Besides that it’s the stack of suplements to archive that, one for this thing, one for another thing, it gets a point that you think if…

When you feel that the world is against you, sometimes it’s you against you. When you feel that something is wrong, think about your foundation and re/build it.

Have your best foundation, is to be at your best.

Build, rebuild every time that you feel that is something wrong. Be at peace with yourself, be peaceful with the people you care about, learn from your mistakes, be your teacher, learn to love yourself.

Want to be better at something? First be the best of yourself

If you are a developer like me, you probably have your ideas to make software. When you are decided to make the next step, you pick one idea and try to work on that as a side project.

Doing a side project it’s not so easy as you might think before you pass the first month or two doing it. You work on that after a long day of work, just by using 60% of yourself. Sometimes you have 30 minutes, sometimes you have more and sometimes you pass a week without touching it.

Because of that, you have to…

Hélio Correia

Artisan developer, passionate and peacefull

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