What makes us human is an awareness of our place in nature and an innate striving to improve our…
RLA Bruce

You really believe that’s what makes us Human? I would say, according to the information I have accessed so far, what really makes us Humans is a Human Environment. If you were raised by dogs only, since you were very young and you’ve never seen anything else, you would behave just like a dog. Here is a real World example of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkX47t2QaRs&t=12s

That being said, we seem to be the product of the environment we grow up in, the people we interact with, the role models we follow, the books we read, the information we access and our culture. It seems to me that we Humans do not inherit any values from any ancestor. Values need to be learned like “striving for more”, greed, racism, a spoken language, beauty, right and wrong, god and demons, corruption. The only thing we seem to inherit is physical features like the color of our skin, the color of our eyes, the way our face looks. Genes do not give us values. And even genes have an evolutionary history, meaning, they have been shaped through many many years, they do not come from nowhere.

As soon as we investigate if we truly are the product of our environment the sooner we will come to creating an environment where many of today’s Monetary System values are not longer present like social statues, the need to compete with one another, the ability to communicate effectively without getting angry at one another, develop a communication method with little to no argument or room to interpretation, just like the language of Mathematics, which has very little room for interpretation if any at all. In today’s language someone says something, it goes right through the listener’s head and it comes out differently, according to the other person’s background. So communication today is extremely limited.

Anyway, I do not believe Utopia is possible, because things change all the time and Utopia is fixed. Technology keeps changing, when we are young we may like certain things and when we grow up we may like different things. In most instances we keep learning new things, be it a new language, new words, new ways of doing things etc etc.

Neither did I say things could be made to last forever, I said things could be made to last far longer than what they do today. You seems to twisting a lot of what I am writing. We should not attain for perfection, we should attain for better. A better way of live, better Human Beings, better physical health, better food, better Mental Health, better ways of communicating and a better Environment which only generates far better values than those of today.

So Utopia can never be established because change is a constant, as far as we know, change occurs all the time.

In due time, or not, the Monetary System won’t be able to support itself because it will not manage to perpetuate itself forever, that would be Utopia and again it seems that Utopia is quite impossible to be achieved.

I talked about a much better society because it seems that’s what we have been trying to achieve with technology, it’s just that our values are still way too backwards for us to solve most of our problems. We have the brains, the ability and the resources to improve all Human life and at the same time we may kill ourselves if we misuse what we’ve got.

The rich and powerful people of today may not be satisfied with what they’ve already got because we live in a System that is in its majority Competitive, not Cooperative. And I don’t really know if we are

For some reason the majority of us are not those who greatly improve Human life, otherwise we wouldn’t even be spending time arguing with each other, we would get to work on how to solve our problems. It really is a shame there was only one Madame Curie, one Einstein, one Nikola Tesla, one Louis Pasteur, one Alexander Graham Bell, one Jacque Fresco. I would most of Humanity it’s on the backs of very few people who gave us most of what we have today. Our computers, Planes, Cars, Trains, Houses etc.

“ our natures rebel at living in a zoo”

It seems to me that we have no nature.

It also seems to me that the majority of us are currently living in a zoo, or a mental hospital or whatever you wanna call it. It’s called a City and there are more and more people coming into the city.

By the way, the idea I’m trying to tell you about does not involve money, barter, trade, or any kind of servitude, social stratification, banks, police, armies, navies, soldiers.

If our body worked on money we wouldn’t even have enough time to earn money to get our body to work. Neither does our Planet Earth work on money, nor do we breathe money, or eat money or drink money or build a house out of it. The Monetary System was a very good system a while ago but today it is counter-productive, outdated and irrelevant.

Since most of us only lived within a Monetary System, it is quite hard for us to think of something else that differs considerably from it.

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