Codename: “Nebula” Type: “Structure”

$HELIOS will become a self-staking governance token for the $HELIOS ecosystem spanning all current and future projects.

Deep within the Orion Nebula, stars are created through the fusion of gasses and planetary dust (mostly Helium and Hydrogen) found within. The creation of stars is estimated to take close to 1 million years from the formation of a dust cloud to its bright shiny self. “Nebula” will need nowhere near this long to show itself.

A look into Codename: “Nebula”

“Nebula” aims to grow the pegged value of each $HELIOS token steadily and reliably through the use of governance staking. All staking rewards earned by these staked ORN will go directly into the peg for $HELIOS token holders.

Each $HELIOS token held is equal to “x” votes/ORN staked. As rewards continue to come in each $HELIOS token held will have more ORN staked backing it, leading to a higher peg.

How will redeems affect the peg?

(80–90%) of Current pool funds will be staked for governance, with the remaining amount being kept liquid to handle redeemptions of $HELIOS tokens. All staking rewards earned from these tokens will be added to the peg for $HELIOS.

In the case of a large redeem a short (3 day) period may be needed to un-stake due to the staking period of Orion. The pegged value of $HELIOS will not be affected negatively by any redeems as they will either come from the allocated redeem pool or the staking pool.

As tokens are redeemed all future revenue earned through staking and other revenue streams will be split between fewer $HELIOS tokens allowing the peg of the token to rise faster as the supply goes down. As tokens are redeemed they are burned and removed from circulation resulting in a deflationary token. Holders benefit from holding onto $HELIOS tokens longer not only because the peg will continue to rise, but because as redeems happen the peg will begin to increase much quicker.

Nebula BSC Address: 0x246307432E001b6aDb6D143050B6A3591cA9f20f
Redeem BSC Address: 0xA48d46983ea079CfF93b23E7D0AE00fc75b75D4F



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