Expression and impression

Expression is an important thing, and how we express is even more important. As I was growing up I used to believe in a thousand things about the world, and sadly most of them were proved wrong by the world with time. Sometimes life gets frustrating, but one’s got to persevere with that. Work, passions and hobbies are the beautiful things that help us in coping with a boring adult life.

Everybody’s life is not boring and I realize that, but mine is, because I am not a people’s person. I like a very few people and if they are not there I prefer my own company. When I was little I had a passion for comics. My grandfather used to take me to a shop called Chatterjee and sons where I used to get great Hindi comics.

Comics were one of the tools my grandfather used to inculcate a habit of reading in me. A mode of expression, both in language and art, comics is one best mediums you can use to incite that hunger for knowledge in your children.

Good comics are rare these days, and in Hindi even more so. But I was lucky to have been born before the advent of the internet. I read a lot, a lot of comics and then I graduated to children’s books. Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn were my constant companions during my childhood days, and so was Harry Potter. Harry Potter almost grew along with me, and was my favorite character at that time. Now my favorite character in Harry Potter is Snape. I guess this is how life changes you.

My late teens saw the introduction of darker versions of Harry Potter and at around the same time I started reading darker stuff.

During my college days I read Chuck Palahniuk and despite him being a controversial writer, I couldn’t falsify his life views.

The classics such as Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Kafka give a great insight into humanity, and sadly for me I couldn’t appreciate those insights as much as I appreciate these great men.

Books are great friends, and for some, their best friends. They are a marvellous form of human expression. And expression is important, but before that, a right impression is almost a necessity.

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