Why religion (does not) suck(s)

I had personally rejected societal god when i was in my 12th standard. It was around time of final exams, and with math and biology as my subject, and my preps for medical exams going on it was already tough, and then i fell sick out of nowhere. Math was a subject i both loved and dreaded. I loved trigonometry, algebra, calculus, and hated geometry and arithmatic. Though arithmatic was easy enough. It was always as i got myself immersed in one problem so much that i just lost the track of time. I wanted to study maths at my own speed, because the time was never enough, despite knowing the questions i would spend so much time doing one question that i would have no time left. The question was why do we have to resort to rote memorization of formulae, without knowing what is it for. The subjects i hated at that time were organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry because i found them extremely boring.

There was this fat book of Botany MCQs which is used to memorize chapter-wise on a daily basis. And while this heavy work was going on, i fall sick. I think that was the start of my badluck which has never left me since then.

I fell sick, and the stress gets even more terrible for the fear of wasting all my hardwork throughout the year. I had worked immensely hard in math, which i had taken just because of the shaming done by a math teacher in my 9th standard. I never wanted to take science, but since i had to take it to become a “doctor”, i’d rather study it well. Life in senior school is like a rat race in India, you do not have time. My school was crappy, but i stuck to it cause it gave me enough freedom to prepare for the entrances.

Now i fall sick, and stress overwhelms me. I was a guy who always minded his own business, i was funny with people who were close to me and was not interested in useless pursuits, except for roaming around the block and smoking cigarettes after the tuitions. I helped guys who asked for help, and was always ready for the same. And i mostly avoided stupid people.

It was here, when my rejection of god began. I was angry on god for many things previously, but it was anger. Just like you get angry on your parents. In 12th, it was rejection. Because in my eyes, god was just, helped good people and punished bad people.

I have never been the kind of person who rejects something without evidence so i started reading heavily. I first started with my own religion, that is, Hinduism. Bhagwad Gita was the first religious book i read. To tell you the truth that is one of the best book i’ve read, and it has the capacity of making you into a feeling psychopath. I read the Bible, and then the Koran. I did not read those books to be able to quote things from them like religious scholars do. I read them to understand them.

In college my thoughts kept developing and i kept thing to myself. During exams while i was in Mangalore i used to go to the temple nearby where i felt extremely peaceful. I studied in a christian school where i played in christmas skits, where once i was the innkeeper who ousted pregnant Mother Mary, and other times one of the three kings who got gifts for baby Jesus. It was an yearly business where everyone had to participate in some form or the other. Santa Clause used to come filled with cotton and toffees and children used to beat the shit out of him just because he was fluffy.

Most of my friends were muslims, and i used to go to their houses on Eid and hog on the tasty food their mothers had cooked.

But then when i was in college i became a complete atheist. I thought myself as an religious atheist and started believing in Samkhya philosophy of Hinduism. I never had a problem with Hinduism because whatever you do you can not stop being a Hindu. You can be in ISIS behaeading people and following Shariyah and still be a Hindu. You can reject Hinduism completely and you still will be a Hindu. If you’re born in this world, you’re a Hindu, no matter what religion you follow.

Personally, i like buddhism as a religion. If i have to be a religious man, i’d be a Buddhist.

Religion is a basically a form of control over the masses and i don’t care if people worship idols to keep themselves happy. I like all Gods equally, and reject them equally too. I don’t care if stupid people are controlled with the fear of a hell. I do not give two hoots about it. As long as my life is peaceful, i am working peacefully, and there is least possible amount of stupidity around me, i can’t care less. It mostly is, but then we have media, and news-papers and journalism. You read the news-paper in the morning and you feel like hanging yourself from the ceiling.

And here, the knowledge of evil becomes necessary. Satanism is the religion of the contemporary world, and higher you go in the social ladder, the more satanic you tend to become. I do not care about sins as long as people are happy. A paralyzed man who has never had sex, and never will because of obvious reasons, if visits a prostitute, i don’t give a shit about it. A low self-esteem girl if she becomes a nymphomanic to gain some pleasure to herself, i would know that, and still i won’t mind, because fuck that.

If some hippies smoke ganja and listen to reggae without disturbing peace, i won’t go out and judge them just because they’ve rejected the shitty system that we live in.

Our (Indian) education system sucks. All we teach are fat Moral Science books and no tolerence. People say things are not that bad, i know that actually, i am not blind to not to see that. Things are not that bad, mostly because, you are comfortable.

Imagine living in a society where you’re judged for not being a doctor or an engineer. I wanted to be a writer, before that i wanted to be an army-officer and after that i wanted to be a drifting hippie doctor and a scientist. I have the traits of all of them, but i am none of them.

Keep building temples, demolishing mosques, erecting churches and beheading people, and do it all in the name of religion. Because prophets and holy men don’t eat, shit and sleep. I do not trust anyone who eat, shits, sleeps and fucks to give me lessons in morality. Stop doing that for at least an year and then you’ll have me as a disciple for life.

I presonally like a few people very much and Dr. Freud, Dr. Guyton, Swami Vivekananda are one of them. I like underdogs who rose beyond all opposition. It is ironical that we teach the percepts of goodness in books and hang a person like Jesus on a cross, or throw a good wife like Sita in live fire.

Religion is good mostly, if we have brains, it gives us peace, support, method and community, but in its current state it sucks, and more than that, we do.