Code States

It has been already two weeks since I joined the programming bootcamp in Korea. It is called Code States which you can think it is very similar to Hack Reactor in US. Here is a brief curriculum from the official website.


● Week 1 — Orientation and Precourse Review, Data Modeling and Classes, Data Structures and Complexity Analysis

● Week 2 — Algorithms, Inheritance Patterns, D3

● Week 3 — Browser apps, jQuery, and AJAX, Frameworks, MVC, and Backbone, ES6, APIs, and React

● Week 4 — Servers and Node, Server-side Techniques, Databases

● Week 5 — Authentication, Deployment, Angular

● Week 6 — MVP Project, Greenfield Project, Hiring Assessment

● Solo Week

● Week 7 — Senior Schedule Begins, Legacy Project, Post Development, Professional Resume

● Week 8 — Thesis Project Kickoff / Thesis Sprint 1, Thesis Sprint 2, Thesis Sprint 3

● Week 9 — Thesis Sprint 4, Thesis Sprint 5, Thesis Sprint 6

● Week 10 — Thesis Sprint 7, Thesis Sprint 8, Thesis Sprint

● Week 11 — Thesis Sprint 10, Thesis Sprint 11, Thesis Sprint 12, Demo Day

● Week 12 — Hiring Sprint, Job Search Sprint, Interview Day


While taking a gap year from Northwestern, I did a lot of things. I learned how to design an Android app using Adobe Photoshop, Sketch while referencing Material Design. I also learned Django with Python although this time I felt that Back-end was not for me yet (I will try again). Away from technology, I finished two sketch books with paintings and drawings and even worked for Boston Consulting Group.

While having my own time away from college, I found myself being attracted to Front End Development. It is still difficult to explain the reason why I like it, and only thing I can say is that I read books about it, went to conferences and small chats about design in technology, and most importantly, got a signature from Kim, Jong min (Google Interactive Developer)!

To. Kim, Hyung Suk, Great seeing you at the conference! Keep finding what you really want to do! (translated)

Now my bookshelf is filled with readings about typography, CSS animations, Adobe Illustrator and philosophy books and other UI/UX books right next to songwriting books. You see, I can’t explain my reasons behind this attraction. I can only show it.

So I decided to to devote most of my time to discover what is out there. As you can expect, bootcamp has a very rigid schedule from 9AM to 8PM. Still, I am enjoying this challenge and although I have a hard headache from hours of debugging that turns out to be a small typo, I think I am learning. From this week, I would like to share what I learned, felt, and clean up my chaotic questions about this technology and design. Again, I am very pleased to start this blogging and hope this becomes a wonderful journey.

BTW, this is me losing my attention during the lecture and smiling at the camera:

from Hive Arena Facebook (

Okay, now you know my face. I hope you can find me here:

from Code States Facebook (