Social Security Office Near Me-An Evaluation

Social Security Knowledge More and more citizens are reaching the age to take advantage of Social Security benefits. Who is eligible for benefits? What’s the difference between disability and retirement benefits? Can anyone over the age of 65 take advantage of Medicare? Find all of your answers here! General Social Security Information The Social Security Act was passed in 1935 and based on social insurance theories that protect the economic security of citizens. social security pledge is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The Social Security Act and its amendments protect citizens during times of unemployment, disability, injury, illness, and old age. The Social Security Administration gives cash benefits to those that are eligible for reasons of disability, retirement, age, or income. It also funds our national health insurance program, Medicare. Retirement Most United States workers pay into Social Security retirement with each paycheck.

If workers work a certain number of years and make a certain amount of income, they are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits beginning at age 62. The younger an individual elects to begin receiving retirement benefits, the smaller the monthly payments will be. For example, provided all other factors are the same, an individual that begins receiving benefits at age 62 will receive smaller payments each month than an individual that begins receiving benefits at age 67.

The Social Security Administration does provide annual cost-of-living adjustment to benefit payments. The Social Security website also provides a tool to help individuals determine their “full retirement age”. When an individual is ready to begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits, they need to fill out an application on the Social Security Administration’s website.