Significance of College Reunions in our life’s journey

A shade to pause & reflect

Nostalgia rewinded and MANIT91 unbounded, that pretty much sums up what I felt last night, when I saw the videos of our Euphoria 2016. Having virtually transported myself back into the friends-forever reunion, I marvelled at what makes reunions special and what made ours even more so. It was as if MANIT beckoned everyone and an ethereal pull, led 180 of our MANIT91 college mates, from every corner of India and the world, come together to relive the joy of a lifelong friendship.

Many a times, life gets perceived as a linear time-boxed travel, being busy in logical bean counting tasks. The spirit in us furtively seeks an outlet from the mundane, as if on a pre-ordained quest. What better way can it be, than exploring some non-serious and non-outcome oriented tasks to help lift us from the humdrum? Reunions are a reminder that the spirit in us is not subject to the laws of entropy. They give us space and time to re-discover ourselves, that we can stay youthful in spirit while allowing years to mellow us wisely. They offer us an opportunity to renew our commitment to the spirit of camaraderie forged in teenage innocence and to pay a sincere tribute to the hallowed ground that made it happen. In the ever changing phenomenal world, there are few axioms that provide us so much succour as good old friends.

In those three days, we have transcended or atleast tried to, the non-existent boundaries that we may have earlier sewn ourselves into, rose beyond the din of little hesitations, put behind any remnants of wispy pretences and sealed an enduring bond of belongingness that will outlive us. Both the past and the present did so effortlessly merge, that it left us to figure out our bearings. Quite a few, we knew, but met for the first time and were tad shy to acknowledge that. Fewer, we came to know for the first time, but there wasn’t time to connect. In the tide of euphoria that engulfed us, all vacillations were swept away. Any thought of “Who is he/she?, was met with an immediate counter self-affirmative — “He/She is us !!!”. This is by no means just evolutionary but a well cultivated maturity that we all can be proud of.

Time flies as its wont and finally ushered in the last day of our event. Whether our college mate is a peer, a friend or a close friend, there is a tie of oneness that binds us all. The tie that evokes the happy years spent, just by being in together, sharing the simple joys, daring the silly pranks and caring when the chips were down. In that sense, college mates never say good-bye. But still the cocktail of emotions played — the choke in the voice, the warms hugs and one last lingering glimpse at everyone. These weren’t just accompaniments to an abiding friendship but the soul’s longing to expand itself beyond the limited confines it was born into. There is something sacred about college friendships which unconsciously spark this elevating journey of the human soul. Having seen through the vicissitudes of life, a reunion proffers a fleeting but a conscious and visible expression of this quest, thereby a peek into the profundity of human life.

The bar on how a reunion should be organised has been set high, nay, has become a case study. There will be generations who will carry forward the baton we have touched and shaped. This advance vantage viewpoint gives us a generous sense of accomplishment and a warm feeling of belonging to the great MANIT91 family. It is never one too many, for a heartfelt and sincere thanks to the reunion organisers for making this experience happen. May we all be together in this way!