Helium Trades: Next Generation Stock Forecasting Engine & News Feed

Stock Prediction Engine

Helium Trades is a stock forecasting engine built on empiricism — not elegant mathematical theories, not Wall Street’s latest fad, and definitely not some expert you saw on TV that one time.

Helium combines proprietary technology and unique data sources to provide stock forecasts in a visual, easy to understand chart. Our price forecasts give simple quantitative measures of performance and uncertainty. We use machine learning models powered by statistics, not dogma.

Balanced News Feed

Some of the political polarization in American politics today can be attributed to the confirmation bias we experience online. As we read news on our digital devices, incomprehensibly advanced algorithms lurk beneath the surface of our feeds, optimizing what we see for likes, reactions, screentime, and ads. Unconsciously, our intellectual curiosity and forbearance are being strangled by confirmation bias (reinforcing our preexisting beliefs), and recency bias pulling us into a never-ending 24/7 news cycle dominated by that next big headline.

Fear not; Helium’s bubble-busting news feed intentionally gives you politically/socially diverse, multi-perspective information designed to increase your awareness and wisdom. Deepen your understanding of politics, social trends, business, and markets by surrounding yourself with a politically balanced curation of the best journalism and information the web has to offer. Curated news stories feature multiple sources so you can understand the bigger picture. Helium will elevate your psyche with our enlightening, bias-challenging newsfeed. Unlike existing feeds, Helium does not have ads and we don’t track you across the web.

Make better trades with our forecasts and increase your market awareness with our balanced, meta news feed.

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Adaptive Stock Market Forecasting Engine for Individual Investors https://heliumtrades.com

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Helium Trades

Helium Trades

Adaptive Stock Market Forecasting Engine for Individual Investors https://heliumtrades.com

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