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1. Self → Role → Self + Ritual = Belonging

Figure out how to have a culture with symbolic meaning that provides people with a sense of shared identity. Don’t become an ant in a self-organizing ant hill. Healthy ego’s are vital to a fulfilling work experience. Don’t only identify as a gamemaster, keep it real, however embarrassing.

The research behind A Self Organizing Private Equity Fund

Context: the results of my research and the process of arriving at the result are closely linked in the following prospectus. I have chosen to express the results to you as I did with the Private Equity professionals who participated in the research. You will be reading the research from their point of view. If you would like further context, please read A Self Organizing Private Equity Fund.

Hello all. I would like to thank you again for your participation as together, we envision what this investment fund could become. Without our conversations, my investment thesis would fall flat…because of…

In the corresponding article you will find a speculative exercise for developing a self organizing private equity fund. The method I deploy in both content and form demonstrates a manner of thinking named dialectics. There is no singular definition of dialectics and thus the application of a dialectic defines it. At least, this is how I am defining dialectics within this performance. To a reader who isn’t familiar with this somewhat pedantic and obscure form of working out concepts, dialectically, you may find this piece off putting. …


To my many friends on the road to self organization and the transformation of social realities…

Holacracy makes omission failures on behalf of the people the organization is meant to serve. It’s differentiation of role and soul doesn’t ever achieve a larger integration in the cultural we-space. Thus, what is omitted is an effective organizational dialogue between the individual and their peers and that of the organizational structure. This creates a dilemma for the individual because their interlocutor becomes focused on the “others” role, not soul, which degrades the inter-developmental dynamics which underpin relationship. However Holacracy says, “it’s not about…

Eytan Zana

If technology is anything more than a communication medium it is a means to fulfill our human purpose. As such, technology is a collection of interacting systems and subsystems nested within practices. Our ingenuity is expressed through these practices in fields like design, engineering and science. Not only do we get “stuff” from using technology, like being able to enjoy a movie, interact with friends on a social network, or pay a bill, our fulfillment comes through the means of creating technology.

The question is, what do we actually get from making technology?


More often than not organizations impede the growth of the people who bring them to life. Think about it, we spend some forty years of our lives, forty hours a week in working conditions that are built for machine like efficiency, not for the messiness of human development. That’s not to say organizations are somehow independent from the development of the people who operate them. No, organizations are the foundation and means of human development — the question is which people have the privilege to develop through their work?

In their latest book, the renowned developmental psychologists Robert Kegan and…

Danish studio EFFEKT

Holacracy is often appealing for early stage startups. They hear about the sophisticated and nuanced processes for organizing and reorganizing their work. They hear it is the most agile and response organization model out there, it is a Tesla of organization design. While the DAO and blockchain ICO’s are super cool and might be appealing to this type founders, blockchain has too many pitfalls and risks. Many founders say “give me some mission aligned angels who don’t breadth down our necks, my friends and I will build the next Medium. …

While I found it a struggle to actually put much into production for the past two week and under the giving due dates, I find reflecting on how I’m challenged by the class to be far more interesting than indulging in the self critiques for my incomplete projects. Pointing out the indulgence of self critique is an important piece of what I’d like to write about for my assignment. While I expand the notion of self-critique looking at “self as work” or “human as labor unit”, I likely am motivated for a few reasons to generally avoid the topic.


An Inquiry in the Pedagogy of Teaching Self-Organization

The dilemma: As a participating of the LeadWise Academy Class Nathan finds himself perplexed by the learning model that is being applied to teach its participants about concepts of self-organization.

The learning outcomes of the class itself have still not been reveal, and in the absence of such the outcomes of this discrete assignment Nathan is participating lack a background thus creating the dilemma in the foreground which he is documenting here.

The first assignment is focused on generating 20 roles within an unspecific entity. Nathan seems to understand that in the absence of a definitive structure for the assignment…

Thanks Daan Botlek

We need a new path for tech startups. One that is bootstrapped before venture backed. One that is cooperative not autocratic. One that codes to recode ethics. One that is networked to civic needs and infrastructures, both local and global. One that achieves growth by prioritizing healthy human relationships over swift, costly, and ceaseless scale. A model wired to replicate with viral tenacity, without sacrificing meaningful connection and constructive social impact.

Nathan Snyder

My purpose is to redesign organizations as the means to new profit and deeper meaning for a better society.

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