I am a man of many talents. I love to play all kinds of sports such as baseball, soccer and I am currently a semi-pro bowler. I also like to fix up my car for style and drifting. I also love to DJ with Hip Hop, R&B and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). I also help my girlfriend, Natalie Wong, run her own macaron business by assisting her with baking, decorating, and delivering orders and also catering events. Our dream is to combine all of our talents and resources into one by establishing a company that will evolve into a dessert café/lounge that will have live music, artistic murals and other things that will create a chill atmosphere for customers who want a place to hang out, study or network. I also want to sell merchandise for the company brand in store because I’ve always wanted to start a clothing company. I would like to sponsor athletes, skaters, drivers and anybody with special talents that would be marketable. This is the ultimate dream to be my own boss and run my own company.

After I graduate I will be 100% focused on building my dream. It starts with getting a good paying job that will allow me to stack up while also working toward my own company. I would love to get an internship with businesses and brands that are similar to my vision in order to get some advice on how I want to plan my future. One company for example would be Fatlace which is a lifestyle brand that appeals to Hip Hop and Car enthusiasts. The Fatlace paddock HQ is located in San Mateo but they deal with Hip Hop and car events all over the world. I would love to start a business that prints clothing, skateboard decks, stickers, decals, hats, beanies, car accessories and other stuff. We also live in the Bay Area which is the mecca for new startup companies so a job with one of them would be cool to get as well. This is where my networking skills will be put to the test. Network equals Net Worth kinda thing.

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