Why You Should Definitely Keep Talking About Seth Rich
Caitlin Johnstone

Maybe I’m missing something. I’m convinced that there’s a very real danger of nuclear war. Your case is clear on that. And I’m convinced that Seth Rich may have been the DNC leaker (even though you present no evidence of this, but still… maybe so.) What I don’t get is this: if Seth Rich was the DNC leaker, does that imply that Trump wasn’t colluding with the Russians? I’m pretty uninformed on this topic, but even I can imagine that maybe the Russians paid or blackmailed Seth Rich to leak the emails, then killed him to cover their tracks. Or maybe the Trump campaign and the Russians were colluding on other fronts, like fake news bots. As Americans shouldn’t we be concerned that our president may have been colluding with a very threatening foreign power? Or did I miss something?

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