Family activities around the campfire

Summer is the perfect season for lighting a bonfire and lounging around it with your closest friends.

It’s officially summer. (cue kids cheering) Life slows down a bit in the summer, at least it should, leaving you with more time to spit watermelon seeds, dip your toes in a swimming pool, and savor the sweet refreshing taste of freshly squeezed lemonade.

Looking for fun family activities to do around the campfire? If you’re planning on going camping with the family, you need to be prepared.

Having a bonfire in itself is tons of fun.

I can still remember all the fun memories I’ve had whenever there’s a bonfire involved.

Whether it be camping with my folks back in the day or those good old summer camps. I try to keep the tradition alive with my family, so whenever we have the time, even just in the homestead, we start a bonfire just because!

Songs around the bonfire

What is it about Don McLean’s nostalgia-glazed tale of “The Day the Music Died” that casts such a sing-along spell on music fans of a certain age? This folk-flavoured tune has been howled out at karaoke nights, talent shows and more than its fair share of campfire sing-alongs.

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