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On Wednesday evening, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex initiated a statement noting their decision to “take a step back” from their duties as ‘senior’ members of the institutional structure of the Royal Family.

Within the statement, they also announced that they will work to become financially self-sufficient and inferred their intentions to spend more time in North America.

The Royals convey that this decision to transition their commitments in the UK was not spontaneous, and concluded after much deliberation before seeing it fit to focus more of their time on their charitable endeavours while raising their son.

According to…


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The famous phone book. Taken by Hellen Songa

A few months ago, I stood at my bus stop ready to get my butt home, when I looked to my left.

A fellow was peeling a Taco Bell poster off a phone box.

I, of course, had an inkling, but I felt compelled to ask him what he was doing anyway.

He explained: “Brand street advertising tells us that we’re nothing but consumers. This phone box, and everywhere else, could have art instead.”

You know what? This modern-day beatnik, minus the beret and sandals, had a point.

A lady looked our way.

Also curious, she left the person…

As inferred ever so eloquently by William Manchester, photojournalism is a special and noteworthy amalgamation of journalism and expression and application of one of the most beautiful and creative human competencies- art.

Photojournalism attracts and captures the eye, heart and mind of the beholder.

In this particular article, I have accumulated and exhibited photographs that were taken during displays of activism via public protests, being a favoured and growing expression of civil, and at times uncivil, resistance or disobedience.

In 2019, such displays were active all over the globe. From Hong Kong, South Africa, Indonesia, the Netherlands to France- these…

Content Warning: This article discusses suicide, death and mental illness.

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Suicide has persistently been the leading cause of direct maternal mortality — and we need to talk about it more.

During and after pregnancy, women are at high risk of mental health problems.

It is very common for parents to experience transient feelings of anxiety, fearfulness and irritations of varying degrees immediately after delivery- this period is traditionally referred to as ‘baby blues’ or ‘the blues’.

Baby blues, not to be confused with depression or any other illness, usually diminishes within two weeks, especially with the right support. After two weeks, if symptoms maintain or even evolve, such moods are classified as postpartum depression or PPD.

A survey of 2,300…

Operating mainly in the basement of Liverpool Life Sciences UTC in the Baltic Triangle, Paul Myers and Jens Thomas first introduced Farm Urban five years ago to inspire people to reimagine our relationship to food and its impact on ourselves and the planet.

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Farm Urban via @Greens.for.Good: entrance to the vertical farm and aquaponics ecosystem (right, left)

LIVERPOOL, England — The concept of urban farming in a metropolis such as Liverpool does not seem too improbable when we have large green spaces such as Sefton, Calderstones, Croxteth County and Stanley Parks. …

Hellen Songa

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