there’s an easy way to do

every thing.

use your tongue to roll chocolate

layer-by-layer from the bar

leave nothing but the kat

torn from kit

that crunchy wafer

slightly soggy, maybe

now you’ve licked it

write a poem your mother won’t like

and wrap it up in tin

and rose tinted seran wrap

calling forth a number of demons

pandora left behind

put your dick, your cunt, your whatevs

in the line of fire

wherenot muster, not thievery,

not race, class, or grit

will save your precious genitalia

from pain

so let it go

(& try not to think about the pain)

do you wish for nicer clothes?

a better boyfriend?

a smarter smartphone?

what if you had no right arm?

would you still want to move so fast?

push your faith closer

to sensitivity

and inside yourself

let voices be heard as long as they’re nice

also, you should take excellent care of your socks

and i’ll explain why

there’s an easy way to do this

only if you see

there’s an easy way to do



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