The Fascination Behind GoPro

The topic I want to explore for my in-depth study of new media photography is, as Forbes calls it, “the World’s Hottest Camera Company.” The company is GoPro and it is making waves in the media industry. I am interested in exploring the camera technology behind GoPro and its general use of photo and video in a new media setting. It amazes me to see the footage captured from GoPros and I truly believe the future of sport photography is GoPro.

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Through my proposal, I hope to learn the business side of the GoPro, while exploring the future of this technology. GoPro is often associated with taking over the photography industry for several niche areas, including snowboarding, skiing, surfing, skydiving, rock climbing, etc. I am constantly trying to explore the outdoors and I love adventure.

I follow GoPro on instagram and like them on facebook just because the photos that are produced on that machine are simply incredible. So, I would love to discover more of the basics behind action photography in general. Also, on a personal side I am curious on how founder Nick Woodman came up with the concept. He is known as the “mad billionaire” due to his unconventional behavior so learning more about his background might help myself, an aspiring young entrepreneur, discover how to create a successful business — and in GoPro’s case, a successful industry.

After much thought and collaboration during class on Tuesday, I have narrowed down my proposal into answering this essential question: “How did GoPro’s business model contribute to its success?” To get started, I aim to conduct research by surfing the net and exploring other sources of information.. So after gathering this information, I need to organize my notes. This is perhaps the most important step because if the information does not flow properly, then the research does not serve its full purpose. To organize, I might make an outline by sorting my main points and sub points and then organizing the points into a structure that is clear to the reader. Lastly, I want to play around with a GoPro. This might be surprisingly but I have never actually used a GoPro. So by using it and seeing firsthand how it operates, that will give me a better idea when conducting research.

I look forward to working on this project and discovering the ins and outs of this industry. Nick Woodman said, “People use GoPros to capture the experiences they are passionate about,” and I am ready to experience this passion.

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