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2 min readSep 8, 2022

SARMs Army’s New Online Store Has What You Need!

SARMs Army has announced a new online store to help you get your SARMs directly in Canada. Whether you are new to body building or a hardened gym veteran, this Quebec-based company has the best products for your training needs.
Since its inception in 2016, SARMs Army has offered seven key supplements:

• Caradarine
• Stenabolic
• Ibutamoren
• Andarine
• Ostarine
• Testolone
• Ligandrol

SARMs Army’s goods are all tested by an independent third-party laboratory ensuring their products have an amazing purity of 98.5 to 99%. SARMs Army also offers 20mg of raw product per every 30ml bottle while the competition only includes 10% of product per 30ml — that’s twice the potency at the same price offered by marketplace competitors. The only thing that SARMs Army dilutes is the price!

Customers also have a wide range of payment options including all major credit cards, PayPal, and e-transfers. All transactions are secure, and fast delivery (two to five business days) is guaranteed throughout Canada.

An in-depth guide to every supplement is available on the SARMs Army website that carefully outlines the effects of each on the body. All products are produced locally in Canada, and carry none of the dangerous side effects of typical anabolic steroids.

The Stacks page offers bundles of supplements for purchase. All combinations have been custom designed for everything from radically building muscle mass to quickly losing fat while simultaneously dramatically increasing training endurance. Up to four bottles are in any given Stack, and each helps with significant increases in joint and bone strength, muscle recovery, and energy.

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