To lick or not to lick? I say no.

Today I agreed to meet someone who’s, unfortunately, no longer my “buddy” about his startup. He asked for money.

Surely enough, I agreed on listening, reassuring him that I’ll be open, so we discussed. It went well, then I said no.

He said “But you know me so well, would you give your money to others?”.


America’s built on the premise of relationships. So is the rest of the world. And no, I’m not american, just interacting a lot.

Say you were a developer, as I used to be. Good luck if you think skill and over-all being good would bring you anything.

Projects are not given to most potent people but to these who know how to properly move that tongue over that itty-bitty tiny hole we all have down there.

That is how we built our mediocre world.

Merit over everything else, people.

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