A Holiday Bonus Question of the Day
Nicole Dieker

I agree that one or three is the way to go.

I don’t have a specific stylist I use but since my hair cut is cheap I tip more. I go to a Great Clips that is further away because they have reliably good people and I generally tip $7 on a $13 haircut. I figure $20 a month is still pretty cheap for a haircut. I tipped $5 extra this weekend.

I always tip at least 20% at the dog groomers (their bill varies between $75 and $100 depending on how scruffy the big guy is). I don’t think a lot of their customers tip because they always seem slightly surprised when I do. I tipped almost 50% this weekend for the holiday. I had planned to pay $150 total and the bill was $109 before I added the tip.

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