Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I estimated $125 and actually spent about $107. I also spent most of my time with a seven year old instead of my friends but that’s ok, he’s usually a pretty good kid.

Friday I spent $20 at the pharmacy, went to the chiropractor, then went to Five Guys instead of getting a salad, $20. My chiropractor is right next to the salad place but Five Guys is just around the corner so it’s always a tough choice. I did not go to the movies.

Saturday I finished planting flowers in the front planter. The neighborhood cats have already started digging them up so that’s fun. My sister texted me Friday night and reminded me that I had agreed to take my nephew clothes shopping while she was at a Girl Scout event. I canceled my bookstore and brunch plans and picked him up to head to Target and PayLess. Target had character shoes for toddlers and grown men but not for little boys. I ended up supplementing his clothes budget with $40 of my own since he really liked everything he had picked out and spent $10 on a Lego set as a prize for good behavior. I had meant a small toy when I agreed to a prize and now I know to negotiate up front. I also spent $5 on myself. After shopping we went to McDonald’s, $12 on lunch and a headache from sitting near the playground. I thought about stopping at the bookstore on the way home or going out to dinner but was too tired.

Sunday I stayed in, walked the dog, did some more yard work, and finished up my homework.