Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

I estimated $75 and spent more, big surprise. I spent $142 this weekend

Friday I went to Michaels’s and bought two frames and a crate to store records, $62. I didn’t see the frames that were 70% off and when I asked the sales guy thought it was just for some of the custom frames. I found some I liked for 55% off and as I was leaving I saw the big display by the door of the ones I was originally looking for. I thought about exchanging them but the cheaper ones were a noticeably lower quality. I probably would have been ok with them if I hadn’t seen the nicer ones first though. I also stopped at Marshall’s and got two set of nice grey pillowcases and a bottle of water for $18. Then I met a friend for lunch and due to a bread shortage at the very busy cafe I got my favorite sandwich in wrap form. It was very good, I will do that again. I also got a delicious lemon bar. $12

Saturday I procrastinated more than I studied but I got a lot done. I made a Dairy Queen run and couldn’t decide what flavor I wanted so I bought three Blizzards $12. Two are still in my freezer.

Sunday I got up early and took the dog for an extra long walk and discovered that he has a new fear of the canal. He’s walked on the canal path before so I don’t know what was going on. After our walk I loaded up the dog and some laundry and headed to my parents. The dog stayed there and I went to see Grandma with my mom and sister. We took her to lunch, mom paid, and stopped at Pier 1 so mom could order a rug. I spent $22 on a lovely outdoor thermometer. We took Mom and Grandma back to Grandma’s apartment and my sister and I went to the grocery store for her. Mom got Grandma’s groceries but I also spent $16 on some stuff for me. We got back to my parents’ and helped haul some yard waste out to the alley. I also cleaned out their old fire pit so I could take it home but it didn’t fit in the car. I got home much later than expected and finished up some homework before bed.


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