Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

I estimated between $155 and $200 and actually spent about $125 (after my mom reimbursed me for Friday). I didn’t dye my hair, get a haircut or get groceries.

Friday I filled up the gas tank, would have been $20 but I had a gift card leftover from Christmas. I picked up Grandma and we went to Rogue One (she’s a big Star Wars fan and hadn’t seen it, luckily it was still on at the theater near her because the next closest one showing it was 30 minutes away) and we got an early dinner after. Tickets, movie snacks, and dinner were $75 that my mom paid me back for. On the way home I stopped at Barnes and Noble to wait out rush hour. I spent $50 there.

Saturday and Sunday I pretty much stayed in and got caught up on schoolwork. It was raining when I woke up Saturday so no yard work, but it was light enough that I was able to take the dog for his walks. I ordered pizza and wings Sunday night for $30 and an eye cream someone on Twitter recommended for $45.

Monday I babysat my nephew for a few hours, mostly playing Lego Batman on his Xbox. I was reminded of why I don’t really like video games. I suck at them and don’t care to put in the time and effort not to suck. It’s a bit humiliating when a first grader asks you to drop out of the game because he can win faster without you. My sister and I decided to meet up at our parents house in the afternoon since the weather had cleared so I picked up the dog and headed over. I got Starbucks on the way with a gift card. We took my nephew in his jeep, my dog, and my dad on his scooter to the park for a while. Dad bought dinner when we got back to the house.

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