Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I estimated between $200 and $250 and actually spent $170.

Friday most of the people I was avoiding were actually out but I hadn’t brought food so I still picked up lunch. $12 for my favorite sandwich and iced tea plus a lemon bar for later. I didn’t get much done that night since a monsoon storm blew through. I did discover the flashlight needed new batteries. Luckily the power wasn’t out very long.

Saturday morning I headed over to grandma’s apartment. It took about 3 hours to get everything organized and into storage. My two teenage cousins made excellent pack mules. Grandma moves into her new place this week but we’re taking stuff over in stages so it doesn’t get overwhelming. $6 for a soda and snack run.

The family didn’t end up going to lunch so my sister and I went for Greek food after dropping off the furniture she took from Grandma. Then we went to look at some apartments. I went back to my parents house to deal with my dogs ears and she went home to tell her husband she wants a divorce. I haven’t heard how that went.

I didn’t go to Target until Sunday. I almost didn’t go at all but dragged myself out of the house and to a Ghostbusters matinee that afternoon. $15 for ticket, drink, and popcorn and I finally saw the post credits scene. I was the only person in the theater who stayed for it. I went over to Target and got a drink from Starbucks, $5, and spent $117 in the store. $50 of that was groceries so I skipped the actual grocery store and I forgot my gift card.

The printer I wanted wasn’t on sale anymore so I’ll get one from Amazon . I also didn’t do any laundry but I taught my dad how to use Netflix. Not a bad weekend.