Monday Check In
Megan Reynolds

I had a good weekend but spent way more than estimated.

I took care of all my errands (including a haircut finally!) and spent $87, including lunch out and a coffee. That was less than my estimated $100. But I also spent $70 on two new tops at Torrid and two new pairs of shoes at Target. Both were having a BOGO sale.

Saturday I took the dog for a long walk at the park and watched people practicing drumming and dancing for the annual Scottish Games. We didn’t go to the games and headed home before the park got too crowded. I found out that my neighborhood’s annual poorly advertised street fair was also Saturday and walked down to browse. I spent $10 on lunch at a food truck. I met some friends to see Get Out (highly recommend) and spent $50 on my ticket, two drinks, a hummus plate since I got there early and was starving, and a small popcorn.

Sunday I met my mom at Costco, which I hadn’t planned, and spent $120. I dropped off the groceries and picked up the dog and we headed over to my parents’ house to hang out with my sister and her kids. She made meatballs and marinara sauce for dinner. I spent $9 at the ice cream truck since I had cash. I also filled up my gas tank on the way home, $30 I hadn’t estimated for since I didn’t realize it was so low.

I expected to spend less than $150 and spent $376.

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