Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

I had planned to stay in and do a bunch of cleaning/organizing/rearranging in my bedroom this weekend but my plans have changed. Both my dogs have ear infections so we have been going to my parents house every night and need to keep going for another week+ (getting the ear meds into the little guy is a two person job).

So I’m taking my laundry over there instead of dropping it off and doing the minimum at home in the morning. It’s a Costco weekend, I’m trying to keep that around $100. Another $25 at the grocery store then I need gas but I have a gift card for that. I also have a Starbucks gift card for any coffee runs.

I want to go to the Target by work at lunch today, the boots I want are in stock and on sale but with this weeks vet bills and more to come I shouldn’t. I do need to find the info my boss sent me for his vet. I took the big guy in to get some lumps checked out and they jumped straight to surgery with a 2k estimate which I thought was odd since he’s an older dog. So second opinion time.

$125ish for the weekend unless boots.