Do 1 Thing, Like Return Something You Don’t Want
Ester Bloom

I had two things but Ester has reminded my that I still need to return a pair of shoes to Nordstrom, so now there are three.

Pick up the textbook I ordered for my online class since they won’t deliver it to the actual campus my other classes are at. I need to get in this since the class started Monday and the first assignment is due Saturday. I’ll take the shoes back after that.

Then stay awake for my astronomy lab tonight. The instructor for my section quit at the last minute and they found someone to cover the lecture but not the lab. We were given an option of an online lab or a Thursday night. The new instructor raved about the guy doing the night section and pointed out that we can use real telescopes at night so I took that. And now I have a 7–10 pm lab on the same day I have an 8:30 am history lecture. Luckily I don’t have anything scheduled for Friday morning.

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