Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I was planning a super frugal weekend because our vet referred me to a dermatology specialist for the little dog’s chronic ear infections. The appointment is Tuesday and I expect they will want all my money. Then I talked to my mom last night and she said she wants to pay for it. Which is awesome and I wasn’t expecting it at all. But I still have no real plans.

I do want to get the house clean and organized before my classes start next week. That was my big goal over the break and I have been slacking on it. Saturday I’m heading out to see Grandma with my mom and sister. We’re taking her a late lunch that mom will probably pay for so I won’t need to get dinner. I might get groceries or go out to eat on Sunday. I should see what I have on hand and try to meal plan around that first.

So, maybe nothing or maybe $100 on food things. Who knows?

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