Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

I went over my estimate and it feels like I spent my whole weekend in grocery stores.

Friday I spent $32 at Trader Joes. I was hungry when I got there and bought some more prepared food than I had planned to. I ate a chicken pesto wrap when I got home since I was too hungry and tired to heat anything up and then fell asleep watching Carol.

Saturday I went to my parents’ to see my sister, our friends, and all the kids as expected. I also got to spent an hour on the phone with Cox internet support in round three of ‘have you tried resetting the modem?’ Mom and I went to Whole Foods that afternoon so she could stock up on her favorite wine and I decided to get most of my groceries there. $45 plus $10 at Starbucks on the way there. I also sucom

Sunday I picked up breakfast on the way back to my parents house to wait for the Cox guy, $9. I did laundry while I was there. After the tech was done doing whatever he did (it involved rewiring stuff on the pole in the alley) dad and I went to Safeway to get my grandma some groceries (and the stuff I either forgot or decided was too expensive at Whole Foods, $20 for my share) and then went to Costco. $2 for a hot dog and soda, $85 for dog food, toiletries, and some food. They had mostly grapefruit in their little tree section and some truly sad looking lemon trees. I passed and will check Lowes this week. We dropped off my groceries and picked up my dogs and headed back to my parents house for dinner.

$246 despite not getting trees or pots for my porch.

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