Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’m hoping for a productive weekend. I have tentative plans for each day so we’ll see.

Today I’m meeting my mom for brunch and then we’re going to Costco to see if a console table she wants will fit in her truck. I have no plans to buy anything but it’s Costco, so maybe. This afternoon and evening I’m working on a homework assignment.

Tomorrow I’m attending a seminar on leash reactivity. Its prepaid but I will probably register for the training classes if I can. Thor has been having issues for the past few months and it’s time to call in the experts. After the seminar I’m meeting a friend for lunch. It’s my turn to pick. If I’ve finished my homework we’ll go to the fancy pizza place with the all-day happy hour. Otherwise probably a less fancy pizza place without drinks.

Sunday I might be taking grandma to see Spider-Man. She has a cold and told me to call Saturday and she if she’s feeling better. We’ll also get lunch while we’re out. If we don’t go then I have lots to get done around here.

Mom will probably cover the movie and lunch with grandma. In the case I don’t think I’ll spend more than $50 this weekend. I’ll say $100 just in case since there is Costco.

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