Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’m hoping for an inexpensive weekend. I don’t need groceries or laundry. I do need to do some yard work if it stops raining long enough for the ground to dry out a bit, but that is free.

I don’t have plans tonight, just studying, so that should be free.

Tomorrow I am helping my sister pack her storage room at her condo. I’ll get coffee on the way, $10 if she wants something $5 for just me.

I’d like to go to a movie this weekend, I can’t find anyone who wants to go so it will be just me. I’ll probably head downtown to see Ghostbusters again before it leaves, that would be free with a gift card for that theater but I’ll probably get Thai food while I’m downtown, $30.

Or I’ll see Don’t Think Twice. The only theater in town that plays independent films recently moved into a very nice location in the fancy mall in Scottsdale (before it was a dumpy little building outside the mall that hadn’t been updated since the 70s). So they don’t have matinee prices and they do have a nice bar/cafe. If I go there it will be $15 for my ticket and about $20 for popcorn and a drink. But there is also a Nordstrom at the mall and I have a pair of shoes to return. We’ll see.

So $35-$45 for the weekend. Let’s just say under $50.

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