Question Wednesday
Nicole Dieker

I’m usually pretty good about stuff I buy. If I regret it I can generally return whatever it is. But I’m prone to rash decisions when I’m traveling. When I was visiting Universal Florida I came out of Hogsmeade into Jurassic Park and noticed a photo op station. You could pose with a jeep and the final picture looked like a T-Rex was attacking. I was traveling alone and didn’t have a lot of pictures of me so I stood on the X and took my receipt. I didn’t notice any other stations although they were apparently all over the place. I forgot about the picture until it was time to leave and I saw the place to get them printed. It was almost $50 for one picture in a novelty frame. It would have been more reasonable if I had a bunch to print. I bought it, I was hot and tired and the only person in the shop and I didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of this theme park worker. I’m sure he didn’t care and I looked like an idiot anyway. It is the most unflattering picture of me in existence.

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