Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

It is very odd to go on a family vacation as an adult. I’m in Prescott until Sunday with my mom, sister, and sister’s kids. Mom paid for the cabin and I think she’s covering our outings (she’s not been very forthcoming about how we’re splitting non-food things and it’s not great). We did agree that she’s paying for meals out and my sister and I stocked the kitchen (my sister should be paying me back for her half of that).

Today we’re going to the zoo and tonight into town for an arts show and dinner. I might be buying my zoo admission and snacks. I don’t plan to buy anything tonight since the car will be completely full with our stuff. Mom is bringing the kids back to the cabin after dinner so my sister and I can hit up Whiskey Row.

Tomorrow we’re going to the lake and renting a couple of boats. We’ll picnic at the lake then come back to the cabin to grill.

Sunday we’ll pack the car back up and get breakfast on the way out of town. If we get back early enough the. I will stop at the chiropractor and PetSmart before I pick Thor up from my dad and head home. I’ll probably get some take out on the way home since I cleaned out the fridge before I left.

So I have no idea what I’m spending but I don’t think it should be more than $200 even with restocking cat supplies when I get home.

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