Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

This afternoon I am taking the dog to hang out with my dad while mom and I go chair shopping for her. Since we’ll be in the suburbs I have added a stop at HomeGoods to the itinerary. I’m looking for throw pillows but setting a $100 budget for whatever I find there, as long as it is on the list for stuff I need/want for my house. I’m hoping mom will want to get dinner, too.

Saturday is my day in for homework and housework. I’ll try to take another crack at cleaning the side yard. I’ll also dye my hair. Shouldn’t spend anything.

Sunday I’ll get my hair cut even if I don’t dye it, it’s getting ridiculous. $20 with tip. I’m meeting a friend for lunch nearby, $15, and then I’ll head across the street to Trader Joe’s, $50 and the will to enter a Trader Joe’s for a while after inflicting Sunday afternoon there on myself.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something so I’ll estimate $200.

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