Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

This is going to be another family heavy weekend. I also wanted to keep it on the cheap side, I bought a season ticket for the Broadway touring season at Gammage theater so I could be sure to get at least one Hamilton ticket when it comes to town (hopefully I’ll get more) so I am feeling a bit broke at the moment.

Today I am loading up my freshly washed dog and my dirty laundry and heading to my parents. I’m taking a lunch but will get coffee and a bagel breakfast sandwich on the way, $10 for deliciousness. While I am over there I will make a Target run, I want to look at a planter they didn’t have at my store and need to pick up some toiletries and household items. Maybe $50? Mom and I are going to dinner in the evening. Dad might come, Mom is paying.

Saturday I’ll make a quick trip to the chiropractor then I’m organizing my freshly washed clothes, and my other clothes. Mom is picking me up in the afternoon to go out to my aunt’s house in Mesa. My other aunt is in town from California so we’re doing a get together. Should be fun.

Sunday I want to take Thor for a long walk if we get up early enough. It’s supposed to hit 100+ this weekend. I have tentative plans for brunch, $25 if that happens. At some point I’m meeting my mom and sister at Costco but I don’t know when. I haven’t made a list but it’s Costco and we’re low on dog treats and human vitamins so I’ll hope for under $100.

So I’ll aim for under $200 for the weekend. That’s not as cheap as I was hoping.

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