Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

This will be an expensive weekend but worth it.

This afternoon my team at work is going to the art museum and dinner for our quarterly outing. No cost to me and both things I enjoy, although not so much the people I would like to be hanging out with.

Tomorrow I’m picking up my dad and we are heading to Lowes. After too many years of living here I am fixing up the small fenced yard next to my house to be somewhere I actually want to spend time instead of just where the dogs do their business. I’ll have the sod and pavers delivered and take the pots and plants home then. I already have patio furniture to be assembled. Dad is coming over on Sunday to help my lay sod and by that night I should have a lovely little garden. I’ve estimated about $800 but I’m sure I’ve

I’ll also need some groceries and I’ll get lunch for dad and me at least one day. I’m hoping for under a thousand total.

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