Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Today I need to haul a bunch of yard waste out the alley for bulk pick up and pot the gardenias I got on Wednesday. I’m also going to deep clean the kitchen. I decided the best way to deal with my messy house is to tackle each room separately and since I have to cook this weekend the kitchen is up first.

I haven’t checked availability but I’m hoping to schedule a manicure for this afternoon ($25) then stop by the chiropractor (prepaid).

Tomorrow I think my mom is picking me up for lunch with Grandma. My sister and the kids should be there too.

Then mom is dropping me and my sister off for the Sangria Festival and taking the kids home with her. My sister decided this is what she wants to do for Mother’s Day and we got a Groupon. Her college roommate might also be coming. Drinks are included with the tickets but we’ll definitely buy food, maybe $20? Then a Lyft home. I have no idea how much that is going to cost, we’ll be basically on the outskirts of the suburbs and need to take me back to Central Phoenix and my sister to my parents house. I volunteered to pay since my sister was saying that she thought it would be too much and one of us could just drink less. Which means she expects me to be the designated driver and that’s not happening. I’ll be the designated Lyft summoner/payer.

Sunday morning (not early) I’m expected at Mom’s for brunch. I already have her gift and the ingredients for French toast casserole. I’ll probably get coffee on the way over ($5).

So, $50 plus whatever the Lyft costs.