Google Sheets Template For Income-Expense Tracking And Budgeting

Unlocked Full Potential Of Spreadsheets For Personal Finance

It’s a Google Sheets version of the Doller autopilot budgeting web app. We unlocked the full potential of spreadsheets with functions and queries to achieve minimum user workflows and ease of use.

Team Doller still uses spreadsheets for personal finance management since most of the automated budgeting apps don’t actually budget our income but are limited to generic expenses reports. Some budgeting apps provide actual budgeting features but they are tens to time-consuming and no better than spreadsheets.

Most banks and credit cards provide transaction download features in CSV or Excel format from their website as easy as downloading files from your Google Drive or DropBox. So we created Doller Sheets for Free. It only takes a few minutes to manually import transactions from your bank to Doller Sheets with just Copy and Paste and you can start to categorize your earnings and expenses by using our powerful search queries one keyword at a time.

Once you complete this initial setup, your monthly or weekly financial workflow is going to be just a few minutes to manually import transactions from your bank to Doller Sheet and you’ll have your income/expenses and budgets sorted out.

If you are still paying $5 monthly for your premium budgeting app or unsatisfied with the limited features of your free budgeting app, here we have created a simple setup and routine workflow guides of the Doller Sheets.

Snapshot of Monthly Doller Sheets


Doller Sheets Folder in the List View

Below are brief descriptions of the functionality of each sheet.

Here you can see your monthly summaries of your income-expenses and balances throughout the year. This sheet can be modified for your custom charts or 1040 tax form and more.

0. Transactions
This sheet is where you import your transactions with Copy and Paste from your Banks and Credit Cards.

1. January to 12. December
Here you can budget your income based on your expenses. Categorizing your earnings and expenses is as easy as simple keywords lookup. Transactions are linked from 0. Transactions Sheets and extracted only for the month of the Sheet.

Once you’ve completed your first month, your personal finance routine is going to be just a few minutes to import transactions from your banks and credit cards.

Are you interested?
We’ve created Doller Sheets complete setup guides in the below.


Go to and click “Try for Free!” or “Get Early Access”
Fill out the form and sign up by clicking “Count me in!” button.

Find “Get Doller Sheets for FREE! 🥂” section in the welcome email and tell us about your financial goals from the linked form.

Find “Claim Yours!” button in the bottom section of your confirmation email.

Once you receive your Doller Sheets to your G Drive, you’ll receive a couple of emails from your G Drive. The first one is to notify you Team Doller added you to your Doller Sheets and another one is to notify you about the transfer of your Doller Sheets ownership from our team member to your G Drive account.

That’s it. Now you have your Doller Sheets. Check our next post for Step by Step Doller Sheet setup guide. 🎉

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