What makes Enomad different

Our phones are our alarm clock. They’re our bank account, our business and, increasingly, our education. At times, they’re our sense of community, our connection to the outside world. They’re there when we have a question and when we have an emergency.

Traditionally, the only way to use electricity was to plug into an outlet at home. Those outlets connect to a massive electrical grid, where 33 percent of our energy comes coal, 33 percent from gas, 20 percent from nuclear and 13 percent from renewable resources. Even though a vast majority of our energy is produced by fossil fuels, 80 percent of Americans say they would use renewable energy if it were available to them. The demand for renewable energy is higher than ever, and yet, the renewable energy market has been slow to grow.

In part, this is because the cost of renewable energy creates an enormous barrier to entry. Traditional energy industries have little incentive to produce cleaner energy, and the cost of an infrastructure overhaul capable of powering the country is too high to allow governments to be the driving factor in innovation.

That leaves it up to us — to you, me and the hundreds of small, clean tech companies whose business models are built off of sustainability.

Facing the coal and gas industries may seem like an incredible feat. While innovations in renewable energy are just getting started, the coal and gas industries run like a well-oiled machine. A project big enough and efficient enough to face those established conglomerates would require massive amounts of funding to produce renewable energy efficiently enough to take on the corporations. Yes, renewable energy has gotten a lot of funding, but coal and gas has gotten several times the amount.

This may seem like a huge task — and it is — but clean tech has something on our side. We are small. We are small enough to be flexible, to research and develop ideas other companies wouldn’t dare to consider. And we don’t answer to share holders; we answer to you, our investors who believe in our message.

This is why we’ve started our company by producing a clean, affordable alternative for personal energy. Personal energy may seem small, but because we are personalized, we have the freedom to innovate where other companies don’t deem profitable — all because of you! Someone who wants an alternative to coal and gas.

In just the past few years, our devices are becoming more and more efficient. More and more electronics are moving to USB power, which consumes only 2–4 watts of energy. When we think of USB, we think of our iPhones or cameras, but in the near future, it also will be used to power laptops and wifi routers — technology that would not just change but REVOLUTIONIZE the way people currently live in areas without electrical access. It is not too far-fetched to see the bulk of our energy use coming from these sources in the near future.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how Enomad is different from other companies that produce renewable backup batteries or why someone should pay for our product when so many standard wall-outlet backup batteries are readily available.

The truth is we could point out our differences with these other renewable energy companies — our product is ready to use faster, it charges your phone faster and more times, the entire product is self-contained with a backup battery, it’s light-weight for backpacking, it’s modular in design for continuous additions and improvements.

It’s not the differences we’d like to point out though. We consider other companies that produce sustainable, personal energy to be our sister companies. They forged a path for renewable energy that proves that innovation is, indeed, possible. We’re all working towards the same goal — 100 percent renewable energy use in our lifetime. Not one of us can do it alone. That’s why we’re here. To provide another option, new technology, new research and new innovations.

We don’t consider wall-charged backup batteries our competitors because they’re not. They have a market; we have a community. Our community values responsibly used energy. It values the social changes that accompany small changes to energy poverty, and it understands the difference these small changes can make.

These innovations can’t happen without funding; we need your help on Kickstarter to continue our research!

Crowdfunding allows small companies to innovate in places where large corporations deem too risky. Large energy companies don’t need to innovate in making energy cleaner or making ways for people to use less energy. People using more energy is how they profit. They only need to innovate in making more money off fewer resources, which is a slow road to cleaner electricity that never really ends in completely sustainable energy.

Our goal is not just to make renewable energy or backup power. It’s to take personal energy 100 percent off the grid. And do it in a way that won’t affect the daily life of the average person. That is why we’ve strenuously researched, tested and developed the Estream, a product we consider the most powerful, portable green energy available on the market.

Enomad is a group of eco-conscious designers, engineers and explorers. To stay up-to-date on what we’re up to, check us out online or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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