“Why did they show Snape is the killer in the promo, oh no!

My cousin and her utter pure fandom for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in which Dumbledore dies was so disturbing that she barely enjoyed her ice cream scoops with me. That’s how deep linear storytelling…

Green consumers are humans who factor in ecological concerns while buying products.

Beyond this simple definition, very little is understood about green consumers. (Despite decades of research.)

Ogilvy and Mather divides green customers into 4 types: Activists, Realists, Complacents, and Alienated. …

Most entrepreneurs have characteristic signs that are visible from their elementary education. Enough research has been done on entrepreneurial traits across geographies. A study by the Harvard Business School recognised some of these traits in 5 buckets: Openness to experience (describes the breadth, depth, originality, and complexity of an individual’s…

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