Tweaking a Mobile Gaming Feature for Star Trek Fleet Command

Officer selection interface.
  1. This is the area where you crew your officers for the selected ship.
  2. This is the ship strength details panel where the power of the ship and its abilities will vary by the type and level of the selected officers.
  3. Call to Action buttons where the user can sort the officer carousel (4) by various attributes through a dropup option. Once all the officers are selected, the user taps “confirm” to set the officers and leave the screen.
  4. Officer Carousel for the user to swipe through. To select, you tap the officers and then go to the crew panel (1) and place them where you want them to be.
Modifying the interface to use a 2nd dropup.
  1. In the crew selection panel, I’ve added a label to denote which pre-configured team was actively selected.
  2. The SAVE button would highlight if there was a crew change.
  3. After looking through some of the comments on the Reddit post, having four pre-configured teams seems to be the reasonable choice people were asking.
  4. This one was interesting since I shorten the CTA and stacked them on top of each other. When I checked this new size through my mobile device, the button size was tolerable enough to avoid fat fingering.




Product Designer and UX Strategist

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Nick Cat

Nick Cat

Product Designer and UX Strategist

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