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There are more than 56,000 plugins available to choose from the plugins directory of WordPress which includes free and premium plugins sold by third-party companies and developers. These plugins offer tons of features and functionality that your site doesn’t have.

Think of WordPress plugins like an apps for your website. With plugins, you can customize your site to better suit your needs and serve your visitors. Like WordPress itself, plugins are also written in the PHP programming language which means the code that runs on your site’s hosting server is in PHP.

Yes, the numbers of WordPress plugins are…


Nowadays, using chatbot to grow business is becoming increasingly popular and grows continuously. For developers, building a bot sounds like an exciting challenge. But in reality, creating your own chatbot would make you spend hundreds of hours learning and putting together all the infrastructure and code required to get it up and running. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to build a chatbot using Botpress, an open source chatbot tool that enables developers to create bots very quickly.

According to their website, Botpress is an open-source, lightweight, developer-friendly, bot creation tool written in JavaScript with built-in language…

Linux operating systems are considered to be more stable and secure than other operating systems. However, viruses and threats can live anywhere and Linux may not be completely immune to threats. Viruses can harm systems regardless the operating system used. Installing an antivirus to a Linux server can protect it from malware, viruses or any malicious attacks.

There are plenty of antivirus options out there for Linux servers but in this tutorial, we are going to use ClamAV, an open-source antivirus solution against security threats to install on CentOS distribution. It is used for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware and…

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Dear Japan,

Everytime I remember you, it's a mix feeling of happiness, freedom, sadness, confusion, serenity, and heartbreak all rolled into one just like sushi or the mix of ingredients of a ramen.

I remember the time when I was sitting inside a skyliner train going from Narita airport to Ueno station. I felt so happy and overwhelmed because I finally made it in Japan. I finally escape my little corner of the world to go somewhere unfamiliar; somewhere nobody knows me. …


Transferring MySQL database between servers can be accomplished using SCP (Secure Copy). It is a secured method in copying file(s) between servers since it uses the same authentication and security as the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol. SCP encrypts both the file and any passwords exchanged while transferring the MySQL database.


Before we start, you’ll need to have two different servers installed with MySQL of the same version. In this tutorial, we’ll be using CentOS Linux as the operating system. Make sure to have enough free space on both servers to hold the database dump file and the imported database.



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2018, what can I say?

This year has been a challenge, a lot of times where I’m unsure of everything despite the plans that I have prepared, another life’s recipe peppered with tears, seasoned with lessons, sweetened by good memories and laughter with the people I love. But today and everyday, I am thankful for so much: my family, my friends, the people I got to worked with. And for this, I am ending 2018 with a grateful heart with a handful of lessons that I have learned along the way.

A roller coaster year

It started with this tiny…

Implementing Master-Slave replication (also known as mirror) is important to prevent data loss, increase performance, support database backup and as one of the solutions to alleviate system failures. What will you do if your database server crashed?

To give you an idea on what Master-Slave is, imagine two MySQL server instances where the Master server is being copied automatically to a Slave server while the master is still fulfilling its job. You can actually have multiple slave servers. …

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