Human Computer Interaction 2.assignment

Week2 Assignment: Interviewing People to Find Latent Needs

Well…Because of the limitation, I used the chatting app to talk with one of my friend. And here is the chat history below:)

— — — — — 2015–10–20 — — — — —

Qiaoye 22:05


Qiaoye 22:06

Could you help me with a interview?

Qiaoye 22:06

And I will use our chat history as my assignment

Ohio 22:58

Sorry, just got back.still on line?

Qiaoye 22:58

Ah yes

Qiaoye 22:58

Do you have time?

Ohio 22:58

An interview

Ohio 22:58


Qiaoye 22:59


Qiaoye 22:59

Where have you been?

Ohio 22:59

The bund.for a walk

Qiaoye 23:00

Where are you now?

Ohio 23:01

Xujiahui,near jiaotong university

Qiaoye 23:02

Wow I think it is a bit far.. How much time did you take?

Ohio 23:02

No,I moved there

Qiaoye 23:03

Where did you move to?

Ohio 23:03

Here actually[Smile]

Qiaoye 23:03

Good place

Qiaoye 23:03

Why did you move

Ohio 23:05

It’s much more convient. And I can pretend to be a student more easily[Grin]

Qiaoye 23:05


Qiaoye 23:05

So in your daily life, where will you go? work?

Qiaoye 23:06

And I need to know the vehicle

Ohio 23:16

tranportation, you mean metro,bus??

Qiaoye 23:17


Qiaoye 23:17

A normal day of you… Where do you go and what do you take?

Ohio 23:18

ok, got you

Qiaoye 23:19

And how do you feel about it… delightful or disgusting

Ohio 23:23

wake up at about 7:30, if I have a job for that day. i will take the metro since it’s the most convenient way to move around within shanghai.

Qiaoye 23:24

How far and take how much time?

Ohio 23:26

I might go for a walk every other day anywhere where there’s a park or a college, just for sightseeing. in terms of that I will use bus because I don’t like wasting time seeing underground tunnels.

Qiaoye 23:28

Ah maybe more details…. So the bus is better than the subway because it takes less time

Ohio 23:30

nooo , normally metro is the fastest way. but most of time it’s underground, not a very good view. so when it comes to sightseeing and leisure I will take bus.

Ohio 23:31

comes for sight seeing

Qiaoye 23:32

Well now I see the difference

Qiaoye 23:33

So.. do you think there is a better choice or something like that?

Ohio 23:33

how many time it takes for the metro , that depends on the location of my part time job. and If I do get a steady job, I think I will move near my company, and in that way I will use a bicycle..

Qiaoye 23:35

How do you feel about the transportation in Shanghai?

Ohio 23:35

and I do know you had really bad experience with the ,,good luck[Trick]

Qiaoye 23:35

Yes I think the transportation in Shanghai is terrible…

Qiaoye 23:35

Ahhh So how about you

Ohio 23:36

if you take into consideration of the population in shanghai, you will forgive it I think

Qiaoye 23:37

Yes… don’t like big cities now

Ohio 23:37

there are almost 30 million people here. I have to remind you that chengdu have half less

Qiaoye 23:38

So how do you feel

Qiaoye 23:38

it’s ok… awful…delightful?

Ohio 23:39

yeah, that’s a hard question..

Qiaoye 23:40

it depends?

Qiaoye 23:40

or you accept it but think just… so so

Qiaoye 23:42

Ah… and also the metro and bus stop, which is closer? It is far?

Ohio 23:43

people gather around cities for better life, in early stage of the development of city. it’s hard to accept so many people all at once. but more and more people are coming…and I do think it will get solved overtime, a lot of time

Qiaoye 23:44

So the feeling.. you know you feel not so good actually?

Qiaoye 23:44


Qiaoye 23:44

So how to solve maybe?You can skip this question maybe

Qiaoye 23:45

Do you think about buying a bike or moto cycle

Ohio 23:45

..I am in xujiahui, the center of district xuhui. the transportation is really convenient either way

Qiaoye 23:45

Well I see

Ohio 23:45

yeah. that’s for government to worry about[Grin]

Qiaoye 23:46

Or buying some new smart trafic tool

Ohio 23:46

yeah , I had one when I first came here. got stolen less than a…

Qiaoye 23:47

So.. don’t want it again?

Qiaoye 23:47

Because the risk of being stolen?

Qiaoye 23:48

Ah so if it can not be stolen… Will you think about it? Maybe a better way for sightseeing

Ohio 23:48

I will buy one later[Awkward]of course if my room is big enough in shanghai for the bicycle

Qiaoye 23:49

I think the interview is finished now maybe

Qiaoye 23:49

What do you want to say about transportation

Ohio 23:49

that’s really a big question[Laugh]

Qiaoye 23:50


Ohio 23:55

I saw a TED talk given by professor “who”, a city planner. when asked about nowadays transportation improvement(in terms of space and energy saving)

Ohio 23:59

he introduced the idea of “sharing” and “smart”, which I think are really good ways to solve nowadays transportation problems confronting big cities. I will send you the link later.[Smile]

— — — — — 2015–10–21 — — — — —

Ohio 00:00

OK, I am finished. thanks for the interview[Grin]

Qiaoye 00:00

You mean… Uber?

Qiaoye 00:00


Qiaoye 00:01


Ohio 00:12

There is another friend and he was offline that time

Zou Qiaoye: Well shaym I’m taking online courses about designing

Zou Qiaoye: Can I do an interview with you?

Zou Qiaoye: About transportation. You may answer me see the following questions

Zou Qiaoye: And maybe in text.. So I can do record

Zou Qiaoye: 1. In your workday, I mean your house to work. What will you take?How much time will it take?How do you feel about it?Is it delightful?

Zou Qiaoye: 2. And do you think there is a better choice for work?

Zou Qiaoye: 3. Now, in your weekend.. where will you go often?What will you take?Why? Because the convince or something like that?

Zou Qiaoye: 4. Still question 2 what do you think a better choice?Even a new invention:)

Zou Qiaoye: 5. Now you fly to China these days. How is flight?How long is it?The way to and out the airport..Is it disturbing?How do you think the worse part of it?

Zou Qiaoye: 6. In China, Shanghai Beijing Hongkong… In the city, what do you take to go around?Taxi or driving?How is the transportation compare to Singapore?What is the best part

Zou Qiaoye: 7. From Beijing to Shanghai what do you take?Is it delightful?You must have chatted with someone nearby

Zou Qiaoye: 8. Well!All of the transportation above ..which one do you like best

Zou Qiaoye: That’s all.. ah really sorry to disturb

Zou Qiaoye: Aha I find someone else help me with it~Good news is that you don’t need yo do this hahah

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