Why the people of Turkey, Venezuela & Iran need Bitcoin and Kasego’s plan to give it to them

“The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”
— Satoshi Nakamoto
Bitcoin > Fiat

Fiat currencies have a history of failing. From the Roman and Greek empires inflating their supply of coins by mixing copper with gold and silver, to modern day countries like Turkey, Venezuela and Iran, millions of people have been forced into losing their savings.

People around the world are quickly recognizing the devastating effects of a state managed currency, and many of them need a solution to not only earn a living but to keep the value that they earned over time.

These people aren’t just looking for alternatives, they are being forced to find them by economic reality.

This is exactly where Bitcoin comes in.

Bitcoin is the ideal solution for citizens in countries with weak fiat currencies.

Bitcoin is unseizable. Governments cannot successfully ban or confiscate it.

Bitcoin requires no bank account.

Bitcoin guarantees a hard supply cap of 21 million coins.

Bitcoin’s supply can never been inflated by governments or banks.

How Kasego will help

While citizens of Turkey, Iran and Venezuela may not have access to a currency that is a reliable store of value, most do have access to a device that can connect to the internet.

Many also have the knowledge and skills to perform specific services for small businesses all over the world. Whether it’s graphic design, programming, web development, or data entry, any legitimate service being demanded by the free market can be fulfilled by anyone looking to earn Bitcoin.

Kasego.co is a global low fee online marketplace where buyers (small businesses) have the option to purchase these freelance services using both USD and BTC. Sellers (freelancers) will receive payment in BTC.

Buyers are happy because they get access to a competitive global network of talented freelancers.

Sellers are happy because they are able to obtain BTC by performing services remotely from anywhere in the world.

What’s Next?

Currently Kasego is allowing freelancers and small businesses to register on the marketplace in preparation for the upcoming launch in late 2018.

If you have family or friends on the front lines in these countries experiencing difficult times, be sure to spread the word to give these people an opportunity to escape the unfair corrupt system they were coerced into.

Register for Kasego, and HODL Bitcoin.