In the last six months a real fear has begun to grip some marketers I know. Realising that Millennials are getting old and a new generation is coming through. A group that is reportedly worth 44 billion USD, Generation Z is ‘mostly’ categorised by people born from the mid 1990’s to the ‘early 2000’s’. I was born in 1996, which makes me one of the oldest Generation Z’s around. It’s also the reason why I’m getting the full brunt of ‘how do we market to you?’ questions, in meetings about things completely different.

So, I’ve decided to do a quick…

The Debut Of Acne On Screen

I think we can all agree it’s been a rough year. So I wanted to take a moment to focus on the positive.

What has been the best thing to happen in beauty in 2018?

The Debut Of Acne On Screen.

In the 80’s there was The Breakfast Club.

In the 2000’s films like Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story and The Princess Diaries.

And now in 2018 we have films like Eighth Grade, that are breaking the mould like never before.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been huge on these kind of teen and high school films. I was more Lord of the Rings than Legally Blonde…

Today I’m talking to co-founder of Dinobytes Labs Louise Leolin, about being your own boss, mental health and balancing the stresses of entrepreneurship with running your own company, as well as her Korean pop culture and her K-beauty favourites. Louise is often seen in the press on lists of young entrepreneurs to watch, with the Evening Standard naming her one of the “18 women entrepreneurs that will inspire young girls to be their own boss”. I wanted to catch up with Louise to talk about the path to doing what you love, how she has learnt to manage her anxiety…

There is a lot that is said about the relationship between diet and skin. Looking online you can find a lot of anecdotal evidence for cutting out certain food groups, but also much confusion. To cut through the noise, I spoke to London based registered dietician Katarina Burton. Questioning her on the most commonly spoken about food groups that we are all often told to avoid.

High Glycemic Index Food & Acne

‘Let’s get started! A couple years ago there was a sudden rush of information about the impact high glycemic Index foods on overall health and our skin, especially in terms of acne.

Poppy Greenwood

Poppy is a young female entrepreneur, writer, environmentalist & mental health advocate. She has been featured on the BBC & Glamour magazine and has two cats.

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