Menopause is often described in a negative way and it can come with a lot of challenges. About 75% of all women experience symptoms that affects them in a negative way during the transition into menopause. But, are there also things to look forward to? We actually found 5 positive aspects of menopause.

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End of menstruation

The one thing most women agree on as positive with menopause is that they get rid of their period. Not having to worry about pregnancy anymore is one thing, but also for women that previously suffered from PMS, bloating or cramps menopause can come as a relief. During the transition into menopause (perimenopause) some women experience worse PMS, but once their period stops those symptoms are over.

“Getting rid of my period will be a relief, I already have less period and also fewer cramps”

Better self-confidence

Many women attest that they feel a lot stronger mentally…

For some of us, midlife can be challenging, with a lot of pondering about our existence and the meaning of life. For others, it can be a relief. If you have kids they might be getting more independent, and you could actually feel more self-confident with ageing.

“In midlife, just when I could see the horizon and felt ready to take off and focus more on myself, it hit me. Menopause. From one day to another I didn’t recognize myself anymore.”

If you are a woman, you might need to tackle menopause at the same time. …

Menopause is a phase all women will go through in life, but still a topic we know surprisingly little about. In the years leading up to menopause, things are starting to change in our bodies, but it often takes a while before we understand this could be signs of menopause.

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Hot flushes is the most talked-about sign of menopause, but it might not be what you experience

The first signs of menopause might start many years before what is clinically called menopause. That’s the point in life when you haven’t had your period for 12 consecutive months. …


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