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The Modern Era of Data

Data, mathematical models, algorithms and computer programming mark the modern era of technology, a new and powerful trend, where science is the protagonist, and nerds who once acted in the background come on stage as data scientists, the modern rock stars.

This powerful trend is impacting the world in different areas of knowledge; physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, economics, and the financial world among others. They are being transformed under the new perspective offered by the science of data and machine learning.

But, why machine learning?

Machine learning (ML) is a set of algorithms based on artificial intelligence and statistics that serve to process large volumes of data; its importance lies in the numerical ability to find complex patterns and learn the system behavior from the data. It is primarily used to train models that allow prediction and data classification. With these, we can obtain information that helps make decisions or automate processes.

The type of solutions offered by machine learning fits perfectly in the analysis of financial data. The primary task of the investor is to analyze data to find answers and predict trends in the prices of an asset.

To better understand the impact of ML in the analysis of Crypto market data, consider the following: Currently there are about 200 Exchanges where more than 15,000 pairs (combinations of Cryptocurrencies) are traded. On each pair, dozens or even hundreds of transaction orders are executedevery minute and those that are effectively executedare calculated financial measurements units, such as candle sticks, known as sales. Minute by minute data of opening, closing, maximum and minimum operations are represented. It is just impossible for a human mind to grasp, process and analyze this massive amount of data. And at this point we are only talking about strictly financial data. Additionally, thefinancial markets are influenced by what happens in social networks, news portals, rumors, etc.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The concept of money is evolving to its digital form; it has gone from being a piece of paper backed by people´s confidence in governments, to a cryptography code running on a distributed and specialized network of transactions called Blockchain.

New markets are emerging thanks to this technology, which allows for the decentralization of information and connects the digital world to the needs of the real world. Blockchain allows you to handle large volumes of transactions in a secure way. The information involved in the transaction is validated by all your peers in the network.

More than a technological advance, this represents a significant paradigm shift, since it is the communities and their individuals who have total control of their balance sheets, transactions, and information, without relying on third parties or central institutions that validate them. The concept of trust in a third party is abandoned, and confidence in protocols is adopted, where an extensive network of nodes is rewarded by ensuring transparency.

Why does Artificial Intelligence play such an important role when it comes to trading or deciding in the cryptocurrency market?

The world of Cryptocurrencies is hosted in the cloud on a blockchain system that produces large volumes of information, and because of its speculative nature, it is moved by rumors, emotions, and beliefs that are reflected in social networks and the news that subsequently affects the behavior of prices directly. All these data points need to be grouped and processed to obtain the correct information when making decisions, and that is where the importance of machine learning comes in.

Why create specialized software and do advanced data analysis by data science experts?

Mature, regulated and highly standardized markets, such as the traditional stock market, have centralized information sources, defined strategies, and well-known analysis procedures. A new market, unregulated, highly volatile and emerging such as that of cryptocurrencies, requires special treatment by experts.

This is where the importance of making specialized software tools is born. Data scientists use the newest knowledge to analyze and help to understand such complex markets. This type of tool allows investors to immerse themselves in the market, helping standardization and maturation, and in turn, opens the doors for governments to make clear and complete regulations for it.

Markets only grow and remain as investors and traders find tools, sources of information and reliable data analysis, standardization and sophistication that help them make informed decisions.

MOONBLOCK understands this as no one else in the market, and that is why we focused on applying AI to our tools. Our platform allows you to search, analyze and trade from several exchanges at no additional cost. PROTEUS, one of our AI rockstartools, uses cutting edge scientific knowledge of deep learning, to identify through its algorithms the complex structure of the Crypto Big data ecosystem with 97% accuracy on all of its pattern detection. PROTEUS easily shows you the pattern you were looking for, and notifies you just in time to capitalize on it. Hours of pattern recognition analysis in one single software.

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