The Parable of the Frantic Seeker

You must slow down, dear one. You will know you are on the journey destined for you when you recognize that discontinuing your frantic search is what brings joy.

A woman who dreamed very little suddenly experienced nights of dreams and days of oddly coincidental visions.

She dreamed of a branch snapping off of a tree. The next day, she looked out her window and alas! A branch of a tree, broken — a sign of liberation, of shedding skin, and releasing what no longer serves, she read.

She dreamed of a group of ladders — a sign of increasing consciousness, she read.

The next day, a truck passed by her with a bed full of ladders.

She had a vision of a sunflower — a sign of psychic ability, of lightworking, and spiritual guidance, she read.

The next day, she discovered a class on how to communicate with Spirit and the logo for the class was a sunflower. She realized these dreams and visions were messages from something far greater than herself.

With this newfound intuitive connection, the woman — the seeker — discovered she was able to manifest what she desired as far back as she could remember. An accomplished person by society’s standards, she retraced the steps that led her to her each of her successes and discovered that every opportunity she encountered in the past delivered her something for which she specifically asked. She became determined to delve into her spiritual journey as deeply as she did everything else.

Her ambition led her to immerse herself in spiritual teachings. With time, she read every book, tried every tool, sat with every teacher to hone her skill, endlessly wondering:

“What will I do next?”

“What will Spirit show me now?”

“How can I strengthen my communication with Spirit even more?”

“How do I share this with people?”

She journeyed far and wide to answer these questions. One journey took her to the desert where she walked to the only source of water for miles, armed with a handcrafted drum. Walking along the trickling stream, she locked eyes with the tips of the trees.

“Send me a sign,” she asked. “Speak louder, loud enough so I can hear you. Be clear with me so I know this is real and I’m on the right path. Tell me where I’m going.”

She gave the beats of her drum as an offering and left the desert full and hopeful of the guidance to come.

Weeks passed and, sure enough, doubt crept in as a termite blindly and steadily consuming the fullness and hope that she cultivated on her journey. Frustrated one morning after building walls and walls of unanswered questions, she took a walk outside.

She walked briskly with arms crossed and eyes connected to the tips of the trees, as she cursed the bright blue, cloudless sky.

“Tell me where I’m going. Give me a sign.”

Dragonflies zipped past her nose. “Change is coming,” they hummed.

“But what kind of change?” she demanded. “Explain yourself!”

The dragonflies disappeared without elaborating.

“Please,” she begged the sky. “Tell me what my next step is.”

A voice whispered, “Stop. Look down.”

She paused and looked. Her foot nearly landed on a snail in the middle of the path.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you at first,” she said, crouching down.

The snail paused in its slow steady movement, gently shifting its gaze from the path up to the seeker.

“You were in quite the rush,” the snail said. “Come and sit, I have a message for you.

“While I move slowly, this message is succinct: Your ambitious nature, while it has given you much success in the eyes of humankind, will not serve you in finding what it is you seek.

You must slow down, dear one. You will know you are on the journey destined for you when you recognize that discontinuing your frantic search is what brings joy.

Our souls abide by the process of unfolding, which doesn’t align to seconds, minutes, hours. Allow your path to unfold before your eyes. Drink in what’s directly in front of you and revel in your beautiful progress. Enjoy the journey as it passes under your feet for the promise of the divine is that you lack nothing.

Take this message and let it embody the rest of your walk, and know your walk does not stop at the end of this path.”

The seeker nodded and blessed the snail for its words and walked onward, slower and sure-footed. She uncrossed her arms and her eyes once again connected to the tips of the trees.

Her gaze was soft, a fingerprint in a bar of chocolate touched by a few minutes of early afternoon sun. With her feet rooted into the earth beneath her, she bowed her head, closed her eyes, and breathed in.