The Institute of Cozy’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Kyrgies exists to help bring ritual comfort into your home. For many of us, cozy comfort connotes time spent with family. With Father’s Day approaching, we here at Kyrgies want to help you make Dad’s day special, by suggesting some things that make time in the house extra cozy.


Dad’s really like beer. Some Dads favor what our friend Chelsea calls “boy beer,” like IPA’s and other super hoppy and floral beers. Others like your standbys like Miller Liter, Natty Boh and Buzzweiser. We’re fans of all those flavors and a lot of those brands, but not everyone likes the hoppy IPA’s or the comparatively flavorless American lagers.

We like Dortmunder Gold and Old Chub Scotch Ale

One beer that is finely made, brewed in America and can satisfy pretty much every beer palette is Great Lakes’ Dortmunder Gold. For a lager, it’s very complex, with lots of flavors we could sound really pretentious about like chocolate and coffee but in the end, it just tastes really good. It’s not as aggressive as an IPA, so if your Dad or husband or son, or wife or Mom or daughter for that matter doesn’t like the bolder beers, this shouldn’t offend them. For beer lovers, this is a classic, a mandarin of the American beer scene. For people who want to try something new, this beer is world class without being overwhelming.

If Dad prefers something a little darker, or you want to convince him he does, try Oskar Blues Old Chub. Oskar Blues is a great American brewery like Great Lakes, and like Great Lakes, everything they make is excellent. Cheers!

Vans Classic Slip Ons

Van Classic Slip Ons

Take it from an experienced dad, getting out the door after a late night of Daddy juice is not easy. Vans Classic Slip ons make getting out the door just a little teensy bit easier. We like these ones. We had them in second grade.



Nothing says “I love you” or even “I tolerate you” more than something homemade. It’s easy to buy cupcakes, but men think cupcakes are stupid (editor’s note: I think cake in general is terrible. PIE 4EVER). Even homemade cupcakes don’t freeze well, take time and make a mess.

An easy snack, that freezes beautifully, uses only one pan, one bowl, and one baking sheet, has a magical puff to it and makes a hit at any party is gougeres. Yes, it sounds fancy. If that’s bad, don’t worry, there’s another name you can use: cheese puffs. These egg-y, dough-y cheese puffs are cheap to make, totally delicious, and go very well with the game on Sunday or the movie Saturday night.

Break North Camper Hats

Be a cool dad

It’s tough being a dad. It means going to bed early Friday nights to get the whole crew to soccer practice by 8 am Saturday morning. Meanwhile, it’s not acceptable to wear graphic t-shirts. Help the dad in your life take on his new role gracefully and with style.

Enter Break North 5-Panel Camper hats. These hats are made of Harris Tweed, which is hand-woven in people’s homes on the islands of Northern-Scotland. The result is a beautiful fabric in rich and complex colors. They are made in the United States and are built to last.

Head over to Break North and get your dad a hat, he’ll thank you.


The tyranny of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon has led to family’s binge watching television serials from Ocracoke to Anchorage. The great thing about these shows — at least the better ones — is once we’ve begun a show they give us a simple answer to the often impossible question “what should we watch tonight?”

But some shows are not really that good, and some people insist on slogging through 12 to 24 hours worth of a mediocre show. That’s not the quality time we’re looking for. One of the joys of movies is that they only last 90 minutes, maybe two hours. Television’s overall quality is arguably higher than it’s ever been, but there are some slightly lesser known filmmakers whose work should be required viewing for anyone who enjoys a good movie.

Un Prophete and Dheepan

Jacques Audiard is one of our favorite directors. Audiard has finally acquiesced to American cinephiles and agreed to direct his first movie in English, but until that comes out, do yourself a favor, do your Dad or husband a favor, and watch one of his earlier masterpieces. Our favorite is Dheepan, which won the Palme D’Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and is currently available on Netflix for streaming or through Amazon Video. Audiard’s movie Un Prophete is arguably his first masterpiece, something akin to the Godfather in prison, and is about as bad ass as any movie you’ll see.

Birdwell Britches

Classic Birdwell Britches Swim Trunks

Classic swim trunks. Handmade in the US, built to last. Nuff said.