How To Be Single And Love It

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Has being single gotten you down especially on holidays like Valentine’s Day? Many people think you must have a man in your life if you truly want to be happy.” My question to you is why? Must you rely on someone else to make you happy? The answer is no. You must be responsible for your own happiness. I’m sure during holidays like Valentine’s Day some women may feel a little down. This does not have to be. Let’s discuss why you should be happy being single.

Take Time For Yourself

Any holiday can be difficult to plan when you’re attached. Dividing time between your family and your man’s can be a real pain. And, if you haven’t done that, you don’t have to meet their families which can be very intimidating. What about going away for the holidays? You can without having to answer to anyone. You have control of everything you do, including where to live, the type of career, and even when you go to bed!

Buying gifts is much easier. Save that money you’d spend on your man and treat yourself to a new handbag or piece of clothing. It’s your money to spend as you please. You’ll never have to share space with anyone. Heck, stay with your parents and reap all of the benefits.

Learn to love yourself. Realize that you have your own identity. Take advantage of finding things that make you happy and where you need to improve. You can enjoy your own company. If you can’t spend a significant time alone, you need to learn. Do things you like to do alone such as going to a restaurant or movie. You have time to work on you.

You have the ability to make several new friends. Get involved with other singles and relish in your lifestyle. Learn from each other and support each other. These friends can turn into lifelong friends, including men.

Being single is the start of a new adventure by being who you wish to be. Be ready for surprises that are about to head your way!

No More Dwelling

Appreciate what you have and don’t dwell on things you don’t have.

You may get something you’ve always wanted, but it doesn’t make you happy. This leads to wanting even more. So many people are in long-term relationships, yet they are still not happy. That guy you were meant to be is out there and will come around in time. Until then, enjoy your single-hood.

Dwelling and worrying are useless emotions. This behavior will not change the outcome and you’re using vital energy on something you don’t have any control.

Take Advantage of Being Lazy and Selfish

Forget about shaving and putting on makeup regularly. Wear sweats every day if you choose, and don’t worry about how your hair looks. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll have to do these things often. What a pain! No more worrying about what your man will think about decisions you choose to make.

Some people who are in a relationship actually envy singles. So, take advantage of all of the positives you have in your life and relish them!